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One Fabulous Sofa or Sectional!

Updated: May 23

One fabulous sofa or sectional can be the catalyst for an inviting room! Make your next major upholstery purchase one that has all the elements you’ve been wanting; and maybe a few you haven’t considered!

Select from many designs, simple to grandeur, with straight, curved, plump, tufted, varieties in a range of sizes. Many sofas can be customized in length, seating width and depth, back height, and arm styles too. The overall shape of sectionals in an L or U shape is perfect for larger rooms and for seating more people. Smaller scaled sectionals are ideal for smaller seating areas.

Choose a color you truly love! Go for what looks good on you….peek into your own wardrobe and jewelry boxes for ideas. Gray has been a trend for a time in upholstery and paint finishes, however, choose colors from nature or your spice cabinet: shades of blue, shades of green, clay, cayenne, turmeric, pink salt! Dare to create however you please. This time, consider gorgeous contrasting welts, skirts, or nail head trim.

Opt for rich textures like velvet, chenille, tweed, herringbone and the popular, chic boucle!

Have fun mixing coordinating patterns or eye-catching solids in large down-filled throw pillows that can be fluffed, and “karate” chopped. These pillows can be where the “power” fabrics shine like rich embroidery, crewels, silks, beaded, and hand painted applications. Also, buy extra throw pillows for a seasonal switch, dressy parties, or for added interest, a range of shapes like bolsters, rounds, triangles, boxed, kidney, etc. Your investment in a variety of extra pillows goes a long way as it gives your sofa a fresh new look when you’re ready for a change.


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