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Create Rich Texture

Make it Rich


One of the best ways to attain rich, beautiful texture is to create a room that is in a singular base color while mixing a wide variety of surfaces that are smooth and rough. This instantly reveals breathtaking interest. For example, imagine a bedroom that is in shades of beige. Now envision its walls covered in creamy metallic wall paper, soft billowy linen curtains, a satin duvet cover, velvet throw pillows, a tufted cotton chaise lounger, a fluffy shag rug, faux fur throw, linen or silk lamp shades, a crystal chandelier, stacked stone fireplace, and mirrored night stands topped with a vase of white roses. Get the picture?! Although this imaginary room of ours is created via one simple color (shades of beige), the drama and excitement and luxury is in the layering of a variety of these surfaces defined as texture. The eyes move about this space exploring the texture, noticing where light reflects differently on each item in the room. The shiny smooth surfaces are going to create a greater reflection of light as foreground elements, while the rough and soft surfaces are matte, absorbing the light much differently. Altogether they beautifully support the landscape of a one color room. Our room becomes intriguingly gorgeous as the many textures altogether are rich and have their own sense of “color” and provide your mind and body a feast of the senses. Experiment with your own personal spaces, especially with colors that are easily accessible. It’s fine to use more than one shade of a color, remember to keep it soft for rooms that are intended to be restful, such as bedrooms and sitting rooms.


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