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It's Almost Summertime

For Summertime Designs

Summer living is leisurely as the heat and humidity beckon a real slow down of nesting. Spring was, on


the other hand, a frenzied time of declutter, donations and downright disposal of things we’ve outgrown.


Summer does something a little unique in my spirit though. It grounds me differently. I’m indoors to


escape all that heat and humidity when not sunning, swimming and picnicking. Although I don’t really


need to spend one thin dime buying the trendiest or the most decadent decoratives to scatter throughout


my space, however, I thirst for change to visually cool my sanctuary. It’s your time to do that too.




My recipe is:




add cool and warm white everywhere

bring in live greenery

rearrange furniture



In doing so, be bold, outside of the box and be quick, for summer goes swiftly!





Focus on your decorative objects first. Remove every pillow, tray, candle stick, sculpture, book, magazine,


throw, urn, vase and vessel. The emptiness of unadorned furnishings gives you a clean slate.

Replace these 




Nestle some fresh live greenery like succulents, palms and ferns 




Your window treatments could use some lightening up also. Replace them with simple gauzy sheers in 




Now that you have accessorized with shades of white, look at all the largest items and find a new home 




I know you get the idea!


For your art and mirrors that hang on the walls, take them down, clean them up till they sparkle and move 


But for now create a soft coolness indoors because it’s summertime!

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